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China to innovate permanent residence policy to attract foreign talent

来源:Xinhua 作者: 2016-02-19 16:09:32

  China will ease the permanent resident application process for foreigners and provide them with better services, in the hope of attracting more international talent.

  To ensure continued economic and social development, China must attract elite professionals from outside the country in a more open manner, said the Ministry of Public Security (MPS) in a statement on Thursday.

  China's permanent residence policy should be further improved, in light of the need for more foreign talent as well as the need of foreigners working in China to apply for the permits and lead a convenient life, said the statement.

  According to a circular issued on Thursday by the general offices of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee and the State Council, China will explore grading applicants' qualifications based on their salaries, taxes and social scores, and allow more entities to employ permit applicants.

  For foreigners working in fields with strong government support,conversion of work permits to permanent residence permits should be eased. Restrictions will be eased for outstanding overseas students to work in China, and they will be provided channels to apply for permanent residence, the circular said.

  The MPS has already implemented the pilot policy in Shanghai Technology Innovation Center and Beijing's Zhongguancun, which is often referred to as "China's Silicon Valley," according to the statement.

  The circular calls for permanent residence permits issued to overseas Chinese for reasons of working or visiting families in China.

  The circular also clarified that foreigners with permanent residence will enjoy equal treatment with Chinese citizens in purchasing property, education, obtaining a driver's license, and other areas of life.

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